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Evan You

Evan You

Creator of Vue.js, Hackensack, NJ

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January 18: Vue.js Workshop with Evan You

We often reach for existing libraries when dealing with advanced app features such as routing, state management, form validation and i18n, and a lot of times the implementations behind these libraries can be a black box.

In this workshop we are going to build simple versions of such libraries from the ground up using basic Vue features.

This will help you better understand the nature of these problems and how to better leverage Vue’s reactivity system to come up with elegant solutions.

Key takeaways


This workshop is optimized for developers who have intermediate experience with Vue, want to better understand Vue internals, and author their own plugins. Preferably, the attendees should already have experience building real apps with Vue, and have gone through all the docs. It’s not recommended to attend this workshop if you are relatively new to Vue, unless you have extensive prior experience in other front-end frameworks.



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