Performance profiling for V8 - Franziska Hinkelmann

Performance profiling for V8 - Franziska Hinkelmann

I noticed one of Franziska's talks for the first time on a flight from Tallinn to Frankfurt. I was stunned by the sheer amount of jaw-dropping knowledge that was packed in this 30 minute performance. I turned to my colleague next to me and said, that if I ever would do a JavaScript conference, I definitely need Franziska in the line-up! You can imagine how happy I was when Franziska agreed to join!

Franziska had an insanely packed schedule this week, flying from a TC39 meeting in the states to Munich, then taking the train directly to Linz and arriving late at night. This didn't stop her from delivering another amazing talk and having lots of fun hanging out with us at the venue. So enjoy this deep dive into V8 internals and prepare to be impressed!

Performance profiling for V8

Do you care about performance? Memory leaks, megamorphic cache misses, and deoptimizations can slow your app down. We’ll dive deep into the inner workings of V8, Chrome’s JavaScript engine, to better understand what these terms mean. V8 ships with its own profiling tools that can identify such problems. You’ll learn to identify and fix low-level JavaScript performance issues using several V8 developer tools.


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Franziska's slides are on Github

About Franziska Hinkelmann

Franziska is a software engineer at Google and a Node.js core collaborator. She works on the Chrome V8 team, focusing on ES6 performance and anything related to Node.js. She was previously organizer of the PHP User Group Munich.

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