ScriptCast #4 - Hefeweizen with Peter Marton

ScriptCast #4 - Hefeweizen with Peter Marton

Sebastian and I met Peter Marton from Rising Stack a day before the great #devone conference in Linz.

In good Scriptcast tradition we went to a beer garden, had Käsekrainer with potato salad and the occasional Hefeweizen. Mostly to convince Peter that there are in fact good Hefeweizen.

Of course we spoke about JavaScript, mostly on the server side this time. Peter's company is well known for their Node.js expertise and their consulting work, so we spoke about all things structuring, maintenance, leftpadding and "Hauptversionsnummernerhöhungsangst" (aka the fear of updating the major version number, it exists!)

Thanks again to our friends from Donau Tech Radio for providing the recording equipment.

Have fun!

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