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About Script

Script is an independent one-day, curated and handcrafted JavaScript event for the community, happening in Linz, Austria. Since the first edition in January 2017, Script aims to gather speakers who shape the world of JavaScript for a day (and night) of fun, inspiration and education.

Speakers 2017

Script'17 took place on January 27th. Get more details at the archive page for Script'17

A conference for everyone

We do our best to ensure everyone is welcome — and our wonderful attendees and speakers add their fair share to make the atmosphere of Script so friendly and unique. We got this family-vibe going on, and you can be part of it!

It's been truly great to feel so welcome at a conference, too. Other confs in Austria: there's a lot you can learn from #scriptconf ❤ /4

Laura Gaetano

Laura Gaetano, Travis Foundation

Script lives by the JSConf code of conduct to make sure the event is welcoming and safe for everyone. We keep ticket prices as low as possible and affordable. Since we are a bunch of individuals and completely independent, all income from Script runs directly into the conference again — and you are going to feel that!

Script will continue in 2018!

After having so much fun in 2017, we will do another round at the start of 2018. Again, we will start at noon and continue way into the night on a Friday in January. Setting the mood for the upcoming year of JavaScript.

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First conference this year set the bar veeery high! Congrats to scriptconf for doing such a great job!! 🎈🎉🦄

Eva Lettner

Eva Lettner, webclerks

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