About ScriptConf

ScriptConf started in 2016, as an effort to bring high quality conferences for the community to Linz, Austria. After the first edition in 2017, and a whooping second edition in 2018, the organisers decided to have a little break.

2019: Innsbruck, Vienna, Linz

A break doesn't mean that we dropped the conference business completely. Together with Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine, we go on a workshop tour through Austria, with our original goal in mind: High quality content for an affordable price. Right in front of your door.

  • Innsbruck is getting "New Adventures in Responsive Web Design", a workshop all about the recent trends in web development
  • In Vienna, Vitaly is going to show us everything from the "Dark Corners of eCommerce". Buckle up, because you are going to see everything you need to get your Webshop up to 11!
  • Finally, in Linz, in the hometown of ScriptConf, Vitaly shows us "Smart Responsive Interface Design Patterns". A complete guide to all the widgets and how they work responsively

More to come!

Stay tuned, we have some aces up our sleeves 🂡