Closed captions for Script'17 videos

Closed captions for Script'17 videos

In our efforts to improve accessibility on our events and media outlets, we have started to manually caption our videos from our 2017 event.

We had this on our agenda for quite some time, but it was not until recently when we spoke with an upcoming speaker for Script'18, that brought it back to our attention (can you guess who we were chatting with? 😀).

We start using the automatic captions provided by YouTube. They are doing an amazing job! They are able to catch every muffled sound I made on stage while MC-ing the conference. They only thing they had troubles with was me talking about Austrian pop bands and comedians. But that's totally my fault.

Still, there is some room to improve. Some product names and technical terms are slightly misspelled, and reading can be improved by dropping a few "ahms" and "uhms" every now and then.

But it is a tough job, and one that takes quite some time. Sebastian and I are able to spare a few minutes every day on that topic, but in reality you need at least as long to fiddle with texts as you need watching the video, if not much, much longer.

That's why we need your help! One great thing of YouTube is their idea of a collaborative platform. We turned on community contributions to transcribe and translate our videos. And we are very thankful if you could spare a little time to help us improving:

Contribute to Mathieu Henri - Coding Art
Contribute to Hannah Wolfe - The long road to 1.0
Contribute to Nik Graf - Introduction to Serverless
Contribute to Franziska Hinkelmann - Performance profiling for V8
Contribute to Raquel Vélez - Evolution of a web application
Contribute to Chris Heilmann - JavaScript is a buffet, not the enemy

Rest assured that you will receive proper attribution, as well as our eternal gratitude 🙇

And if you suddenly feel an urge to experience such great talks live on stage, with a wonderful audience and a nice and welcoming atmosphere, check out Script'18