cycle.js on pen and paper - Andre Staltz

cycle.js on pen and paper - Andre Staltz

Andre was one of the speakers we wished for when doing Script'17. As chance would have it, back then when we tried to get in contact with him, Andre was super hard to reach. So for 2018, we upped our Scuttlebutt game, not closing our Scuttlebutt client for weeks. We got through, Andre was excited to come (also did a great RxJS workshop), and we had a fun time with him in Linz!

Oh, and on the way back, Andre developed Callbags on his mobile phone...

cycle.js on pen and paper

Let's learn the Cycle.js framework from paper sketches and diagrams that make it look easy and obvious. Then, let's see how you can use it in the real world.


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About Andre Staltz

Andre Staltz specializes in functional and reactive programming for user interfaces. He has created Cycle.js and been a core contributor to RxJS. Website:

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