Hop on the serverless adventure with NodeJS - Simona Cotin

Hop on the serverless adventure with NodeJS - Simona Cotin

Stefan met Simona in Warsaw at Front-End Con, and was immediately mesmerized by the excitement and energy she puts into her new most favourite thing: Serverless and Azure. After a couple of chats we humbly asked Simona if she could join us for Script'18, and are still happy she said yes!

And at Script'18 it showed again: You just can't go wrong with Simona at your conference!

Hop on the serverless adventure with NodeJS

Serverless is the new black - I can deploy my application to the cloud without ever worrying about infrastructure. We all remember the days when we had to spend hours and hours configuring and debugging web servers when all we wanted was to just code and test our app. Those days are long gone and it’s time for us to unlearn how to provision and manage infrastructure while focusing on building and scaling applications.


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About Simona Cotin

Simona is an enthusiastic full stack developer with experience in building rich data visualization for network data and more recently in the cloud.

Communities power her up and that's why she is co-organising the Javascript London meetup. Passionate about knowledge sharing, she has also mentored at workshops for Women Who Code and NgGirls encouraging women to learn more about programming.

Simona on the web

Photo by Juho