Introduction to Serverless - Nik Graf

Introduction to Serverless - Nik Graf

We first met Nik during the joint venture of the React Vienna and StahlstadtJS meetups in September 2016. His carefully written and mind-boggling talk on DraftJS immediately caught our attention. Plus, Nik is one of those people who got their Karma in order, and an overall nice person to hang out with.

When we wanted to bring some React love to Script'17, we knew that we have to reach out to the strong React community from Vienna. They outdo themselves with each new meetup and are pushing the React boundaries constantly. Nik agreed to do an amazing workshop on Advanced React topics, but had another card up his sleeve: a most sought-after introduction to the new trend of "serverless architectures". Enjoy!

Introduction to Serverless

Serverless is a new cloud computing paradigm that abstracts users away dealing with low-level server configuration. It allows for auto-scaling, pay-per-execution applications on an event-driven basis. AWS Lambda its is most prominent vendor, but other cloud providers are catching up.

This talk starts with an introduction to serverless architectures and explores the benefits and challenges coming along with it. It provides you with an overview of the existing ecosystem and demonstrates how to get started using NodeJS examples. At last the presenter will share of collection of best practices and lessons learned from his experience developing serverless applications.


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About Nik Graf

Nik is a software developer at Serverless Inc., the company behind Serverless Framework. He is passionate about good user experience and co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins & Carte Blanche

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