Script’18 Roundup

Script’18 Roundup

Almost two years ago we, the organizers of Stahlstadt.js, decided to go for a JavaScript conference. A conference that helps our beloved location of Linz be internationally known. A conference that celebrates its vibrant and diverse tech community. A conference that was different, and fun!

After the first edition of ScriptConf took place in 2017, we were overwhelmed by the great feedback and how well the event was received by the community. We did it! We did the "conference this city needs", as we claimed back then. But the huge success of Script'17 presented us with a difficult task: How should Script'18 look like?

Should we grow bigger? Should we do more days? Should we do it at all?

Attendees and good friends from Script’17 have advised us to not try to make a bigger event but to re-create the same experience again. So after some consideration we decided to do a Script’18 which would be an iteration of the first event. Repeating the things that worked, while improving and changing things now that we have more experience. Same location, same catering, a new set of world-class speakers, home-made beer, and the addition of a DJ and a baby on stage.

How did that turn out? From the feedback we received it turned out quite well. Tobi Lessnow, our DJ was the star of the day and kept the music going for almost 14 hours. The lineup covered everything from frameworks, server technology, augmented reality, accessibility to hardware interfaces. Our speakers again nailed every single talk. After speaking to some attendees who weren't sure about a conference with a single track, everyone agreed that with a line-up this good, this can definitely work.

But see for yourself... this was Script'18:

An international conference

Positioning Script'18 as an international conference turned out pretty well. We were stunned by how far people travelled to be with us on this one special day in Linz. People arrived from: Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, England, Denmark, Switzerland, and the United States!


The quest to bring world class speakers to Linz and organize a conference with food, drinks, a DJ and custom made beer is not doable at a reasonable entry fee without the help of our sponsors. We can't thank our sponsors enough who made these things possible:


Similar to last years event the speakers are one of the most important ingredient for this event. We are extremely thankful that all of our speakers took the time to travel to Linz to give entertaining, interesting and informative talks!

  • Evan You
  • Marcy Sutton
  • Simona Cotin
  • Andre Staltz
  • Phil Hawksworth
  • Michaela Lehr
  • Charlie Gerard

Please check out the individual speaker links (as soon as they are up) for more information and the videos/slides of the talks.


With this post, we would like to collect everything about Script'18 that was written and also all the coverage like photos, podcasts, ... If you have written about the event or made sketchnotes, did a photo collection or anything like this, please let us know and we're happy to add it.

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