ScriptCast #3 - Sushi with Nadieh Bremer

ScriptCast #3 - Sushi with Nadieh Bremer

ScriptCast No. 3 is here! Sebastian and I met Nadieh Bremer during our trip to Beyond Tellerrand in Düsseldorf. We took Nadieh out for sushi and had a chat about her life, work, and career in data visualisation. So join us and listen how Nadieh started out as an astronomer and became a JavaScript-savvy data-viz-ard. Also, find out how Dragonball Z can be used for interactive and engaging visualizations, and why the hexagon is the best shape of them all (Scriptconf approves).

With Nadieh being a remarkable source of knowledge, she provides us with tons of books and resources for you to start your own journey:

Again, thanks go out to Sebastian and Tom for joining me and to the magnificent Schepp for providing his awesome recording equipment.

Have fun!

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