ScriptCast #5 - Tea with Ruth John

ScriptCast #5 - Tea with Ruth John

I was in Warsaw at Frontend-Con where I had the chance to meet Ruth John. Together with Karolina Wasielewska from Girls Gone Tech I did an interview about Ruth's passion: Audio/Video art on the web.

We chat about the new APIs and the best way of using them. We also share stories about sound on the web gone right and wrong. Last, but not least, we learn more about live:js, live audio/video shows based on web technologies.

Ruth is joined by a bunch of web creatives like Martin (controls light via CSS), Tim (moving from Nerd Disco to Vision Lord), Sam (a musician and composer for live:js) and Matt (musician and creator of "Loop Drop").
Their next gig is a complete show at JSConf Budapest. If you are around, make sure to check it out.

I had a lot of fun talking to Ruth and enjoying a good cup of tea together! (and some occassional beers in the evening, ScriptCast tradition, I hear you say)

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Have fun!