ScriptCast #6 - "Coffee" with Daniel Khan

ScriptCast #6 - "Coffee" with Daniel Khan

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I met with my buddy Daniel Khan ( for "Coffee", or a hoppy equivalent you have at around 5pm on a sunny afternoon. Daniel and I know each other for a long time, and somehow we ended up at the same company roughly the same month.

Albeit in totally different teams, our paths keep crossing. Mostly because we share the same passion for Node.js. Daniel and I also share similar views in how we view our skills. And more importantly: The lack thereof. The Dunning-Kruger effect or the more friendly Socratic paradox helps us to lead a more humble and pragmatic way of doing things.

We also chat about how we viewed the mysterious event loop wrong for way too long, and how understanding it helped us becoming a better Node.js developer (spoiler: it didn't).

So enjoy our fun chat and check out Daniel's work!