The long road to 1.0 - Hannah Wolfe

The long road to 1.0 - Hannah Wolfe

When we started gathering ideas for speakers for Script'17, Hannah was one of the very first people that came into our mind. And with Sebastian and Hannah working together on Ghost, we had our first speaker ready!

Knowing the topics Hannah was talking about in the past, we knew that we are in for an exciting story about the inner workings of an open source project; and how they manage to be self-sustainable and non-profit.

Also, Hannah's talk produced one of the most retweeted quotes from Script'17. And it's one quote that sums up everything nicely:

So lay back and enjoy "a story of life, love and the pursuit of 100% test coverage".

The long road to 1.0

A tale of the technical challenges we have faced as an open source JavaScript application, trying to get Ghost to 1.0.


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About Hannah Wolfe

Hannah is the lead developer and co-founder at Ghost. She spend vast amounts of time on GitHub and Slack guiding the Ghost open source project – JavaScript’s open source community amazes her every day. When she's not working on Ghost she's usually found experimenting with new JavaScript tools and libraries or hacking away on an arduino, nodecopter or other bits of hardware.

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