Check out the schedule for our three event parts:

October 24th: Workshops

Workshop locations will be disclosed to the audience. All three workshops follow the following timetable:

  • Doors and registration 📝

  • Kick-off

  • Coffee break ☕️

  • Workshop part 2

  • Lunch break 🍜

  • Workshop part 3

  • Coffee Break ️☕️

  • Workshop part 4

  • End of workshop

October 24th: Warm-up event

The free warm-up event JAMstack JAM session is powered by Storyblok. Get tickets

October 25th: Main conference

This is the schedule for our main event:

  • Doors & Registration

  • Opening

  • Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly Friedman will talk on

    Designing and Building With Privacy In Mind

  • Lisi Linhart

    Lisi Linhart will talk on

    Practical Web Animation

  • Dylan Schiemann

    Dylan Schiemann will talk on

    Frameworks in a post-React apocalypse

  • Coffee break powered by Dynatrace

  • Anna Henningsen

    Anna Henningsen will talk on

    Node.js feature livecoding

  • Harry Roberts

    Harry Roberts will talk on

    More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Resource Hints

  • Marvin Hagemeister

    Marvin Hagemeister will talk on

    The art of removing code

  • Dinner break powered by Mozilla

  • Jen Looper

    Jen Looper will talk on

    WineUp: Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Wine, Cheese, and You

  • Jo Franchetti

    Jo Franchetti will talk on

    Tweet My Wedding Dress

  • Party powered by Netural